Warranty Procedure

The following procedures must be followed in strict detail to obtain prompt, complete and accurate evaluation of a warranty claim.  Failure to adhere to the specified procedure will lead to delays and may result in refusal of the claim.

Only parts which have actually been assembled into an engine will be considered for warranty evaluation.  Any parts which are alleged defective due to handling damage, packing errors, wrong parts, etc. must be returned separately for credit and should not be submitted as warranty material.

  1. GTI must be informed of any possible warranty claim at point of failure so as to determine the best way to action/authorise repair. A Repair or Returns authorization number must be obtained from GTI prior to any repair being carried out, this number must be used in all future correspondence. GTI must supply or authorise all parts required for the repair prior to fitment.  All warranty claims must be processed within 28 days from the date of failure.
  2. GTI will only accept a warranty claim from the company/person appearing on the original purchase invoice. Without exception and at no other time, will GTI discuss process or uphold a claim brought to it by any third party 
  3. The vehicle, where possible and within reason, must be returned for repair to the original person/company responsible for the fitting of the defective parts supplied. If a repair is to be carried out by a third party then this must be approved/authorized by GTI prior to any repairs being carried out. Any repairs carried out prior to authorization will not be covered under warranty.
  4. In some circumstances and with prior agreement, GTI may demand that an independent inspection be carried out by a qualified engineer. This will be carried out in a timely fashion, but determined by the independent inspector/engineer’s availability. In any case GTI will endeavor to keep the claimant informed of any delays where possible. So as to remain independent and impartial, the engineer/inspector will only be paid by GTI if the part/s are found to be faulty. In all cases where the parts are found not to have been the cause of failure, the customer will be held responsible for the payment of the engineer/inspector. The customer will be informed, where possible, of the estimated costs prior to any inspection.
  5. GTI reserves the right to repair or replace any engine part consequentially damaged at point of failure, with one that has been previously used on another engine. GTI will ensure that these parts are of a serviceable condition. GTI will supply new parts where possible and economically viable. Should GTI deem the engine to be uneconomical to repair, GTI reserves the right to replace the engine with either a used or re-serviced engine.   
  6. All replacement parts supplied will be invoiced at the normal sales price and will be liable for payment under the usual payment terms. Should the claim be approved/upheld then all items approved for warranty will be credited and any monies refunded. At no point should account payments be withheld, as this will render the account outside of our terms & conditions. This could result in the account being placed on stop and in some conditions, the account facility being withdrawn.
  7. It is the responsibility of the customer to return ALL parts related/changed within the warranty claim. The following information must be supplied:
    1. Clear and legal copies of all work orders and receipts, for both parts and labour, relating to when the alleged defective parts were first installed. This must include dates and mileages.
    2. Clear and legal copies of all work orders and receipts for parts, or detailed estimates of the parts and labour required for the repairs following the engine failure. Labour times claimed must be from an industry recognized source, such as Autodata, ICME, etc
    3. A completely filled out and signed report, giving as much detail as possible, regarding circumstances of the failure, including a description of engine operating symptoms prior to
    4. A complete Warranty Claim Form supplied by GTI.
    5. E-mail the above information for authorization, to info@gtiuk.co.uk, prior to any repairs.
    6. All paperwork MUST be attached to the parts when returned.
  8. Parts returned for warranty analysis must be carefully packed and protected from shipping damage.  Parts damaged by courier handling due to improper packing will be denied warranty consideration. All parts damaged/claimed due to the alleged failure must be returned together with all the above documentation. GTI will not assess any claim until all components and paperwork, that have been requested by GTI, have been returned and inspected. 
  9. Warranty claims found to be incomplete or improperly submitted when reviewed by GTI will be set aside and no action will be taken until the necessary additional parts and/or paperwork are received.  GTI will inform the customer responsible for the claim of the additional parts or information needed to process the claim.  If no response is received within 28 days, a follow-up letter will be sent with a further 14 days to reply. After this time the claim will be cancelled and the returned goods discarded.
  10. GTI will confirm, in writing, the receipt of the warranty claim. GTI will, where possible, assess and process the warranty claim within 14 days from the receipt of a complete warranty claim. This time period may be extended if referral to the manufacturer is required, but when this is required the claimant will be informed in writing within this period.  
  11. Following the evaluation of the parts and information submitted, GTI will make the final determination as to the cause of failure.  GTI will provide a report of its findings for all claims determined to be non-warrantable.  GTI cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies resulting from little/poor information. GTI will allow 28 days from date of report to accept or refuse its findings. If no reply is received within this period then the warranty claim will be closed and no further action can be taken.
  12.  GTI will only accept claimed labour times that do not exceed the industry recognized source known as Autodata and will be limited to a maximum labour rate of £25.00 per hour. Labour times claimed cannot exceed a maximum of 15 (fifteen) hours for full engine rebuilds, i.e. if damage has occurred to pistons or bore, based on Autodata repair times, all other claims will be limited to a maximum of 10 (ten) hours based on Autodata repair times.
  13. Payment of any claim accepted, will be in the form of a merchandise credit only and will be in full and final settlement. No credits will be passed until all parts have been returned with all relevant paperwork.
  14. GTI will hold the returned parts for a period of 30 days after completion of the evaluation.  At the end of this period, the parts will be discarded unless otherwise requested.  Parts involved in claims found to be non-warrantable may be returned to the customer upon request, if made within the 30 day period following issuance of a report.
  15. Should an impasse be declared, whereas both parties cannot agree on a binding settlement, then litigation maybe initiated. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Agreement and any claims or disputes arising out of, relating to or in connection with it, shall be governed by the laws of England & Wales. The courts of England & Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Agreement to which the Parties irrevocably submit. 

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